Installing yesod web framework

First time post. So yesterday I wanted to install some web framework on my machine because I’ve never worked with them.
I’ve chosen yesod web framework because I love haskell and wanted some fun.

First of all install cabal

pacman -S cabal

After that you have to update you cabal (in Arch repos it’s not the newest) and delete the system’s one.

cabal install cabal-install
pacman -R cabal

After that install cabal-dev to use it as sandbox packages. Because there are often collisions between haskell packages.

cabal install cabal-dev

Create some folder for your future project and start to install yesod.

mkdir myproject
cd !:1
cabal-dev install yesod-platform yesod-bin

After you have to add binaries to path


So now we have yesod framework installed in current directory. So we forstly initialise it and then start.

yesod init #here you have to enter new project's name and choose db manger
cd myProject
cabal-dev install

That’s all. You’ve created your project and now you can run it by

yesod devel --dev #dev options tells yesod to use cabal-dev insted of original one

Now you can test you site at http://localhost:3000.

Good luck!

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