Some useful scripts

Hello! Today I want to share some of my scripts and explain what do they do.
1. autocpu
2. core temp
3. moc player information
4. volume information
5. screen translate


So the first one. Autocpu. This script I’ve wrote in 2012. I was using it to manage my laptop governments via shortcuts. Just in cycle powersafeondemandperformance. And after a year I’ve modified it to show current government and display it in Awesome WM and nowadays in xmobar.

Core temperature

This script was written to display temperature of core in awesome. Nowadays is useless. Xmobar can do it itself ;)

MOC information

About a year ago I’ve switched to non-de environment. That means I’m using only wm (currently xmonad). That’s why I’ve switched from gui music player to console one. At first I tried CMus, but I loved moc more. That’s just a small script gathiring information about current plaing song.

Volume information

Simple script. Just grabs information about volume level. And with the help of notify-send generates a bar and displays it.

Screen translate

My lovely one. This script gets the word(s) which are selected on the screen (it doesn’t depend on the app you use, it can get the selected text from everywhere) and with the help of yandex-translate gets the translation (auto detects lang) to russian. And send me notify. Very easy to use. Now I’ve binden in to super + t.

That’s all. My lvl of performance seems to increase :)

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